TimeBucks review: Legit all-time bucks opportunity or a scam?

timebucks reviews

I am glad you reached this Timebuck review page. I understand you are very curious to find out if TimeBucks is something for you. Off course you are also wondering whether TimeBucks is actually a legit all-time bucks opportunity as they claim or just a scam to waste your time.

First of all, I have to promise that after reading this post to the end, you will have all the reasons to either join TimeBucks right here today or quit it altogether and concentrate on something else without ever looking back.

What is TimeBucks all about?

TimeBucks is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site just like the many others we have reviewed on this blog. This platform provides a wide range of earning opportunities to users worldwide, even though it is based in Australia.

The availability of earning opportunities on TimeBucks varies from place to place. So, based on your geographical area you will have more or less work available.

Let’s take a look at the detailed break-down of the earning options you expect when you join TimeBucks. That way you’ll have an informed mindset when you join, especially if you do so based on one or two earning options you are familiar with.

Paid surveys option

TimeBucks provides a big opportunity for paid surveys through a number of reputable survey providers on the web. Most of these surveys are offered through offer walls or survey routers.

As a user, you will only participate in the surveys you take the test and qualify for. So, you will have more or fewer opportunities for the surveys provided based on your qualifying rate.

Though it may sound discouraging sometimes, you have to be patient in order to find surveys you qualify for since it’s the only way you will get the most out of TimeBucks surveys.

You have to also note that taking short qualification tests is the usual thing with most of the survey sites, where the qualification test is put in place to ensure only the participants who meet particular demographics take part.

Taking the survey in the image above as an example, such high-paying surveys are not provided by most of the survey sites I have ever used.

Anyway, in case the surveys can’t work for you (as it happens sometimes) you still have other options provided by TimeBucks to explore.

Get paid to watch videos

When it comes to watching videos to earn on TimeBucks, they offer some different earning ways too, unlike other similar sites.

There’s that popular way where you earn some reward after watching up to 3 videos plus some ads belonging to a particular category. In addition to this, there is a separate video section where users get rewarded based on the length of watch sessions, measured in seconds.

get paid to watch videos on timebucks

Just as you can see in the image above, TimeBucks makes it convenient for you in a way that, you can always see how long you have to watch a given video for a given amount of reward. So, this allows you to watch a particular video with an informed decision.

Offer walls tasks

In the offer wall section, you can be able to access several different offers. Some of the popular offers you won’t miss on TimeBucks are; get-paid-to download android apps, to test some free products, or sign up for a website.

time bucks offer walls

What you are seeing in the image above is just an example of TimeBucks offers. Normally, the offer walls available in TimeBucks are up to 12 and even sometimes more.

You will find that most of the offers pay higher rewards. Some of the offers provided are through other survey sites such as Prizerebel or Ysense.

In case you are not aware, some offers can only be taken once. So, in case you happen to belong to several offer wall providers, just capitalize on the platform that rewards most for a particular offer.

TimeBucks content options

On the content tab, TimeBucks provides access to some other ways to earn some extra bucks.

timebucks content tab

Referring to the image above, you get paid to click ads and visit some websites for a short time. This can also be to visit and TimeBucks Facebook page.

With the slideshow, you get paid for watching up to 10 slideshow pages. This can be a fun way to make some bucks online since some of the slideshows provided by TimeBucks are really entertaining. They come with catchy titles like; shocking facts you didn’t know about a certain celebrity, crazy puppy pics, tattoo fails, etc.

I think the news tab is self-explanatory. Here, you have to go to a news article and you will find there further instructions about what you have to do to get paid. This usually involves clicking on some ads on the sponsor’s page.

Most of the tasks in this section don’t earn you much money but they help add up something especially if you are the type who enjoys reading news, watching slideshows, etc then it will be an added advantage getting rewarded for that.

Make money on TikTok

There is a bunch of earning ways in the TimeBucks TikTok earning section. In this section, you get paid to do various tasks on Tik Tok.

earn money on tiktok with timebucks

With posting, you earn money posting duets. This involves using other TikTok videos in those duets. In order to work safely in this section, you have to ensure that you follow their strict rules to the latter. This can only be achieved if you carefully read all the terms first.

Also, make sure to carefully watch those thorough TikTok tutorial videos. TimeBucks has those tutorials for each TikTok earning option, which should be used as the guides to earn in this section.

You have to remember that, the quality score resulting from connecting the TikTok account and TimeBuck account will determine how much you may earn. This option will not earn you much money fast but it can be a passionate way to earn some extra bucks.

NB: TikTok make-money option can only be done through the mobile phone. Though there is no TimeBucks android/iOs app at this time, you can do all that through the mobile web browser.

Get paid to do micro-tasks

Through TimeBucks you can access some Figure Eight micro-tasks. These micro-tasks usually include data-entry, etc.

These are short tasks that attract minimal rewards, but the rate increase is subject to your consistency. Based on your consistency, you will get access to higher-paying tasks upon earning trust.

Cash-back on online shopping

With TimeBucks cash-back option, you get cash-back whenever to shop online through TimeBucks on their partner stores. This may not sound like a way to earn some income but saves you a lot. Saving you some cash on the items you would still buy elsewhere is like earning something more.

With this feature, you can also be able to book discounted travel perks through the booking.com,

Earn referral commission inviting friends to join TimeBucks

With TimeBucks multi-level referral program, you earn commission directly and indirectly in the sense that, you earn commission both on the people you invite and the ones they invite as well. The same applies to the referrals down to level 5. A different percentage commission rate applies for each level (as seen in the image below), but this can be a very decent way to earn a passive income.

invite people to join timebucks and earn

Roll for free money

There’s a button you can click once in 24 hours and roll to get a lucky number. Based on the table, the lucky number will determine how much you get.

roll and earn

Based on how lucky you are, you can roll and win big or small amounts of prizes, but it is free money anyway.

NB: in order not to miss on this free money rolls, you are supposed to complete at least 10 other tasks available on TimeBucks within the previous 24 hours.

Solving Captchas

TimeBucks also happen to have the option to earn some extra cash by solving Captchas. This is some kind of data-entry micro-job that usually takes effort in order to earn something worthwhile. For example, solving up to 20 captchas will only earn you $0.03.

So, since it takes a little while to solve each captcha, this may not be a recommendable earning option unless you have a lot of free time to spend online.

Some people claim of TimeBuck captcha hacks they use to earn more. I am not sure if they work but what I am sure of is that such things will risk you getting banned.

Advertise your other ventures

This TimeBucks advertising option is great in case you have something to promote and increase your conversions. For example, you can promote your youtube video to gain more views. You can choose the number of views you need, the demographics of the audience you need, etc and pay for the service.

TimeBucks Daily contest bonus

Be amongst the top TimeBucks users and get rewarded up to $20. TimeBucks usually rewards the top 5 earners with some extra bucks as a way to motivate users. The top-most user gets rewarded $20, followed by other top users down to a dollar, in the 5th position.

timebucks daily contest bonus

This shouldn’t be difficult when you get used to the platform and devote more time to the high-paying earning options.

TimeBucks Payment methods

So far, you already know you have a lot of opportunities to earn on TimeBucks, and that the earnings accumulated are in US dollars, but how do they payout?

TimeBucks offers various payment options which include, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, AirTM, Payeer, Neteller, and Skrill.

Just like most of the GPT sites, PayPal discontinued its services with TimeBucks sometime back. Even though this is the case, most of the currently available payment options are popular worldwide giving everyone a good chance to make use of TimeBucks.

In order to cash out, one will be required to reach the minimum earnings balance threshold of $10. This is very low and can be easily achieved in a short time.

Payments are sent out automatically once a week whenever your balance meets the minimum $10 threshold through the payment option of your choice.

You can as well opt for having the earnings accumulate in your account by choosing ‘Hold’ the payments and manually request the payout later.

How much can you make on TimeBucks?

This usually depends on a few things. We should take into consideration, the amount of time one is devoting on using TimeBucks, the chosen earning opportunities, and also the country of residence.

Some surveys and wall offers are targeted to users from certain countries. In that regard, we don’t expect such opportunities to be similarly available everywhere.

However, you can expect that no matter where you reside, you have the same chance to invite other people and earn commission on their earnings for life.

What are the requirements to join TimeBucks?

There are no special requirements to join TimeBucks. And it doesn’t matter where you reside. All you need is a device with an internet connection and you will be set to begin earning your first dollar today.

Most of the earning opportunities discussed above will always have some tasks for you no matter what country you are from, unlike some other GPT sites.

Pros and Cons

Let’s sum up this TimeBucks review by taking a look at some of the things people like and the dislikes.


  • Is available to users worldwide
  • A lot of earning options
  • Various payment methods to choose from
  • Low minimum cash out threshold


  • Low rewards in some of the available earning options
  • Absence of PayPal payment option while some of the available payment options might not work in some places

Conclusion: Is TimeBucks.com legit?

There’s no doubt about the legitimacy of TimeBucks. TimeBucks is, in fact, a one-stop-shop GPT site offering a lot of earning opportunities like no other similar site I have ever come across. I have been paid severally and I know of many others who have been paid too without issues.

I decided to also attach the TimeBucks payment proof as some evidence to substantiate my opinion and further remove the doubt to those who may still be for the opinion that TimeBucks is a scam.

timebucks payment proof

How to Sign Up?

Now that you know everything about TimeBucks and that it is not a scam, what is holding you back from joining TimeBucks today?

Sign up today on this page to take advantage of the $1.00 welcome bonus.

Signing up to TimeBucks is very easy and it takes just a few seconds. Just CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to the TimeBucks website sign up page. You will only be required to fill in your e-mail address and password. Then, you will receive a notification in your e-mail inbox where you will have to confirm your account registration.

You can also sign up through your Facebook account if you prefer that. That is all.

I kindly request that you take a look at this comprehensive list of legit work from home opportunities.

Enjoy earning. Cheers!

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