Best money making apps for android smartphones

Best money making apps for android smartphones
Apps that pay you money

There are a lot of android apps that pay you money, but are all of them worth your time? Let’s find out.

 With the ever-increasing urge to earn extra money online to pay some bills, many can now install these top money making apps for android smartphones and start to make money fast. There are different earn money apps that can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple app store that help to earn gift cards performing different easy specific activities.

Did you know that you can now get paid to watch tv, listen to online radio, watch videos, browse the internet, play games on your android phone, participate in polls, exercise, take photos, etc? Sounds like absolute madness getting paid to do the things you already do for fun, right?

Whaff reward:

If you are looking to earn some bitcoin or Ethereum using your android phone, Whaff is a must-have-android app you need.

There are several ways to earn money using this android app;

There’s installation bonus when you download and install other apps within the Whaff app

 Just by keeping the apps installed, it earns you more rewards

  You also earn more cash if you continue using the installed apps.


Have you been asking the question; which paid survey sites are legitimate? Swagbucks is the answer for you. You can work on Swag bucks both on the web as well as the android app but still be able to complete the tasks accordingly.

Swag bucks can enable you to earn by doing the following simple activities;

  • Answer questions
  • Play games
  • Watch videos
  • Participate in surveys
  • Polling

Doing any of the mentioned activities earns you SB points, which can be later redeemed for cash $3 up to $25 gift cards that can be Amazon shopping, PayPal, Walmart, Target or Starbucks.


You will love this if you wish to earn some free bitcoins using your android phones but sorry if you are looking for apps that pay you through PayPal.

Cointiply is a micro-task site/app that enables the users to earn free Bitcoin satoshis by either playing games, installing apps, filling surveys and watching ads.

Bitcoin as cryptocurrency can be exchanged for cash through cryptocurrency exchange platforms like local bitcoins, CoinBase or WazirX.

Earn money by downloading and installing android apps

Cash pirates-

There are several offers to earn cash through Cash pirates app but the easiest one that you will enjoy is; downloading other apps and trying them out. Besides that, there is also a sign-up bonus earned whenever one signs up for the offers through the Cashpirates app. The users also can earn here by taking surveys.

Earn money is another android app that will pay you for downloading and installing free or paid android apps. Earn money app users can also earn money by watching videos or taking surveys if available.

CashOnAd – serves video ads as the incoming call ringtone for up to 6 seconds and this earns you reward points which can be redeemed


Playment is a popular money-earning app for Android users in Indian. The users usually join through the Face book and do verify using the mobile phone number. The users can earn cash in Indian Rupee currency by completing the available tasks through the app. There is also the signup bonus as a welcome gift.

Get paid for a swipe and a tap

These android apps will pay you for swiping your android screen locker for offers. The free mobile app screen locker rewards the mobile users for swiping the screen to unlock and view ads.

Swypr– just as the app name Swypr suggests, the users get redeemable points whenever they unlock the screen and watch the ads.

MooCash- specifically, With MooCash, users earn coins that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or Google Reward Card after swiping and claiming offers. In order to claim offers, one has to either watch a video or install a promoted app.

Wowapp- besides earning from swiping the mobile phone screen, Wowapp users can also earn by referring other users, reading the news articles, watching videos, etc.

Perk TV app:

Perk TV app comes with many ways to earn money by android phones. The users get reward gift cards for either watching videos, playing games, searching the web, etc. This is actually the best app for free gift cards

The least effortless way to earn through the android phone I realized about the Pert.TV is watching the videos and getting rewarded which sounds like getting paid for having fun. In fact, the PerkTV app is considered one of the highest paying android apps.

Google’s opinion rewards

If you are looking for apps that pay you real cash, then Google opinion rewards app is not for you. The apps reward the user with Google Play reward points- which can be redeemed only for Google services like installing android apps, downloading music, movies, eBooks, etc from the Google Play store.

Apps to make you money while getting healthy

 Pact app– is available for both Android and iOS devices. The users set goals based on their capacity and have to meet them in order to get paid, failure to do so means one has to pay other users who are able to meet the set goals. In other words, the winners are those who are able to realize their set goals.

Sweatcoin- the user earns redeemable points by simply walking around with Sweatcoin app on as long as one has a reliable data connection. The earning rate depends on how many steps one makes and how fast. See, this app can be handy for those working out on treadmills or joggers.

Supervank- this also has the same feature as the one mentioned above for Sweatcoin app, but besides taking steps to earn some point rewards, the user can also earn by viewing ads and reading quotes available.

In addition, supervank users can also invest the cash earned on the stocks market place within the app on the different stocks available and make more money depending on their stock trading skill

Watching TV or listening to music

If you would like to turn your idle time into money-making opportunity then you will need to download Viggle app. With this app, one will have fun watching videos or listening to music albums. Fortunately, this app is available both for android and iOS devices. Besides earning cash watching videos or listening to music, the users can also make use of the Viggle live feature and earn more points answering questions or polls on live TV shows.

Take photos or videos on android phone and make money

So, what do you need besides an android phone with a good camera? Nothing more other than downloading and installing the android app called Scoopshot. With Scoopshot, you will be paid to take photos of different events that you come across in your area.

The photos taken for Scoopshot are usually used by media journalists and website owners.

Upwork app also has projects that can pay up to $25 for just recording and submitting videos, photos of yourself with your pet performing certain specific activities.

There are also apps that pay you to shop around. That is a topic for another day anyway.

Are you still not yet finding android apps to help you make enough money as you wish?

If so, feel free to take a look at these Legitimate work from home opportunities that actually pay.

Conclusion: You can attempt to earn some cash using any of my best money making apps for android smartphones, but there is no guarantee that you will earn a consistent income. So, in case you wish to earn big online, it is better you start looking at my top recommendation HERE.

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