CrazyOff review: Legit Paid to post social site or a scam?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get paid for all the time you spend posting for free on social media sites such as the face book, twitter, instagram etc? In this Crazyoff review, we will reveal to you just how that is possible. So, just sit properly and enjoy this 5 minutes read.

What is CrazyOff?

CrazyOff is a social forum that claims to pay the users who contribute their content to the platform or interact with others’ posts. In other words, this is a revenue-sharing content publishing platform.

Just like the face book, twitter or any other social media channel, the content contributed can actually be just short questions about any topic as long as it is within their laid down rules.

There is a moderation team which ensures that each of the posts published pass through total scrutiny ensuring the originality and relevance of the post content. This is put in place to weed out the spammers and plagiarizers.

The users are free to post any post about any topic, except adult content or other kinds of content prohibited by Google and AdSense.

CrazyOff users are ranked, which is an automated process based on the total number of Crazy points each user has.

CrazyOff majorly makes revenue from displaying AdSense ads on the user-generated content pages. This income is subsequently shared with the content creators accordingly. This is the main difference CrazyOff has in comparison to the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc.

There are several payment processors to choose from whenever the user reaches the minimum threshold earnings balance and requests payment.

Is CrazyOff legit or a scam?

You may have chosen to read this post because you wanted to check whether CrazyOff is legitimate earning opportunity or not. In my opinion, CrazyOff is legit online earning platform, and I reached this conclusion upon looking at the following crucial indicators:

Although CrazyOff hasn’t been around for that long, there are numerous positive reviews on the web indicating that many of the users who earned and reached the minimum cash out threshold requested payment and got paid without issues. You can see such reviews when you log in to CrazyOff and check some of the featured posts.

CrazyOff being a member of AdSense is also a good indicator that it is a serious platform for long term. So that they remain compliant to AdSense regulations to continue serving ads on the site, the site must also be ready to stay by the rules or get their account disabled.

CrazyOff is currently receiving a lot of new subscribers daily, which is an indication that they are being recommended by satisfied users around the globe including myself. I joined recently, but I am satisfied by things so far.

The fact that this site has PayPal as the main payment gateway is also a positive indicator that it is not out to scam people.

How to earn crazy points?

You earn what they call “crazy points” whenever you post or respond to any post you find appealing to you. There is no limit as to how many posts one can post daily.

You earn crazy points based on how much you contribute to the community and also when other users interact with the posts you submit. The platform algorithm generally calculates the earnings based on your activity.

In order to enhance interactions, when posting responses, there is the feature where you can choose to receive notifications to your inbox whenever someone else responds to your post. In case you opt for that, you can always be able to easily monitor how each of your posts is doing and even quickly respond with replies where you feel applicable. This enhances the interactions and activity on your posts.

How to redeem Crazy points?

You are only allowed to redeem Crazy points once each month on the 15th through PayPal or Skrill as long as you meet the minimum requirement earnings balance. In case of PayPal withdrawal, the minimum threshold is $2. This is the equivalent of 2000 crazy points. In case you opt for cash out through Skrill, the minimum threshold is $10.

This is done by simply sending the letter “P” to the Admin in a private message.

How much can you earn on CrazyOff?

When it comes to this question as to how much you can likely earn using this site, it will actually depend on several things. As we have already mentioned, you will earn more or little based on how much time you devote in interactions.

Also, depending on the engagement your content draws, you will earn more or fewer points, since there is no way to force other users to interact with the posts they don’t find interesting.

There are also the featured posts which usually attract more interactions.  So, if you are that good at creating most of the posts that would find their slot in the front page, you will likely earn more Crazy points too.

CrazyOff similar sites

If you are already a CrazyOff but looking for alternative earning opportunities like those offered by CrazyOff where you get paid to write short a in order put your eggs in many baskets, we recommend the following;

Who can join CrazyOff?

This site can be joined by anyone from wherever in the world provided you have internet access and a verified PayPal account to receive your payments to.

CrazyOff tips and tricks

In order to earn more out of CrazyOff, here are a few quick tricks you must apply;

  • Post regularly
  • Post articles with click-bait titles
  • Respond only to others’ engaging posts
  • Respond mostly on newer posts
  • Try to create great content that would likely get featured
  • Ensure to opt-in for receiving notifications of new responses to your posts

Pros and Cons


  • No daily posting limit
  • Free to join
  • Open to users worldwide
  • No age limit
  • Can be relied on as a passive income stream in case your posts attract high engagement
  • Multiple payment options available
  • As a member, you are able to make new friends and a community to interact with


  • The earning structure is not clear
  • Only one earning opportunity (writing posts) available
  • Only the posts that reach the front page are given maximum exposure
  • Low earning rate- which solely depends on the post engagements

Conclusion: Do we recommend CrazyOff?

CrazyOff is a legitimate earning opportunity that anyone including students, work from home mums and beginners who have free time to spend online can join. So, in case you find this fit for you, go ahead and join to try things out. It may not earn you much, but it is still worth the free time you would still spend on other social media sites.

Anyway, in case you are here looking for the online opportunity to earn a living from, then we recommend learning a skill that will enable you to turn your passion into a thriving online business.

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