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Welcome to our Bananatic app review. We decided to share this Bananatic app review to assist a few gamers who would be interested in getting paid to play games online. Doesn’t sound like a nice deal getting paid for doing what you normally enjoy doing for free as your passion?

Let’s get down to business. In this Bananatic review, we try to give you a full picture of what you expect to get when you become a member of the Bananatic platform. If you are also just looking to find out whether Bananatic app is a scam or legit, we have got you covered too.

Introduction to the Bananatic app


Banatic is a mobile app as well as a website platform accessed both through mobile phones and PCs giving the gamers the opportunity to play online games and earn redeemable points known as “bananas.” The bananas (reward points) can be exchanged for any of these; Steam games, Amazon Gift Cards, PC merchandise, PayPal cash, and other valuable prizes.

Bananatic at a quick glance

It’s free to join Bananatic

The initial signup bonus would be received

The cash-out minimum requirement is $5

Friend referral affiliate program

How Bananatic works

Signing up for Bananatic account is simple and will only need one to provide the primary e-mail address and the personal names. Then one would be required to provide a fictional name as well, which will be applied as the gaming handle.

If the user prefers to sign up using an alternative way, he may choose to use the Facebook or the Google plus ID as well.

Upon signing up, the user will be required to register with his/her favourite games listed on the Bananatic dashboard. There are plenty of free-to-play online games listed, where each game is attached to a specific expected amount of bananas.

Here is the quick list of some of the popular games listed on Bananatic;

  • The Outpost Nine
  • League of Angels
  • Life is Feudal
  • War Thunder
  • Crosscut

The gamers usually receive a badge and XP points for every particular game they register with.

The games have special instructions called quests that have to be followed to the latter to be able to collect the bananas. The users are further supposed to upload screenshots to substantiate all the activities completed. The tasks are then subsequently be verified by Bananatic team to confirm that the gamers actually adhered to the instructions while completing the tasks, and this process normally take up to 48 hours. After the verification, the bananas will be received in the account.

Besides earning bananas through playing games, the users can also earn more points doing any of the following activities;

  • Viewing ads
  • Cashback shopping
  • Blogging on bananapedia
  • Referring friends
  • Downloading and trying out apps
  • Sharing and liking the app/website on social  sites

How much can you potentially earn playing games on bananatic?

I understand this is the most interesting part of the post you are looking for. Let’s get down to facts. For each successfully completed quest/or participation in each revenue stream, you receive between 150 and 2500 bananas.

When it comes to the monetary value of the bananas earned, 2500 is equivalent to $5 and this is the minimum amount the user can cash out.

Bananatic Payout

As we have already mentioned above, the minimum withdrawal limit allowed is $5 (the equivalent of 2500 bananas). The bananas earned may be exchanged for Gift Cards, Steam wallet, Digital keys, CSGO skins, computer merchandise, or even PayPal Cash rewards.

bananatic app

There is also the option to cash out using the game currency- which supports in-game purchases on the platform. Here are some of the supported Gift Card options used to redeem the bananas for;

  • Xbox
  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • Spotify
  • ITunes

Processing these gift Cards is usually instant but PayPal cash may take up to 2 days.


  • It is fun earning money playing games online
  • There is a signup bonus of 50 bananas for every new member
  • Numerous revenue streams available besides playing games
  • Accessible both by PC through the website and mobile through the Bananatic app
  • Bananatic referral program rewards, where they pay 25 bananas for every member referred. You are also eligible to earn 10% of the total referrals’ earnings for up to 300 days.
  • Multiple payment gateways- you can opt for PayPal Cash, Gift cards, Game currency or merchandise when redeeming bananas.
  • Their payout threshold of $5 is really low and motivating


  • The earning potential of Bananatic is low and not reliable
  • The long and tedious verification process of tasks completed and submitted
  • No passive income since you only get paid when you complete the tasks

Is Bananatic legit or a scam?

bananatic reviews

Bananatic gives a legitimate opportunity for gamers to earn some extra cash playing video games on their PCs or mobile phones. All that is required is that the users adhere to the in-game quests while completing the tasks and there will be no problem getting paid you hard-earned bananas.


We advise that you may join Bananatic if you find it a passionate way to earn some substantial income while enjoying playing your favorite video games which you would still play for free anyway. You get my point?

For those who are out to make a ton of money online, Bananatic would be just a waste of time which would be best spent on something worthwhile.  In that sense, you better start looking at what big guys out there are doing to make a full living working from home.

Also, you may need to take a look at some of the best Bananatic alternatives to enable you to increase your online work income while avoiding putting all the eggs in one basket.

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