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testbirds reviews
Testbirds crowd-testing available globally

Wouldn’t you be interested in becoming a software, app, or websites tester working from home if the pay is that generous?

A blog visitor recently asked me if there weren’t any other real ways to make some money on the internet without running your own website or a blog.

There really are many money-making options for users without a website. Besides writing text, among other money-making ways, I have found an offer that appeals primarily to gamers and technology enthusiasts, namely testing software, apps, and websites.

The company Testbirds, which specializes in so-called crowd testing, is looking for part-time testers, because Testbirds has new software and apps tested by the crowd, i.e. by many end-users, for programming errors and usability weaknesses.

This crowd in particular often knows better what the relevant target group for the apps and software expects from the products and finds out some weaknesses faster than blind programmers.

For each completed test, the tester receives a small reward of 10 Euros. If you register as a crowd tester on the Testbirds platform, you should have fun with such tests and also have a certain affinity for the Internet and Internet technology.

The tests are carried out on the desktop PC, a smartphone, and a tablet PC. If you have all the possible devices, you have the best chance of being invited to numerous tests.

Registration on Testbirds

Registration as a tester is free of charge and is open worldwide. After clicking the confirmation link, you will be directed to the backend, where you should fill out your profile completely before the first tests. In contrast to other platforms, this is a bit more extensive, because, in addition to the address and bank details, you have to provide information on education and job and fill out a form for your usage behavior.

It asks which social networks you often use, how many hours you spend online every day, what you use the Internet for, how often you use your smartphone during the day, and what you use it for.

Then you also enter your end devices, specifying which browser software and operating system you are using on your desktop PC, which smartphone and tablet model you are using.

It is also important that you enter your data correctly on Testbirds because after all, serious tasks are required of the tester on the platform.

Successful entry test required

To be finally accepted into the tester community, you have to take an entry test as a newcomer. This familiarizes you with the platform and the typical test procedure.

Such an entry test can look like this:
Test a partner exchange (the name will of course be mentioned in the test) and pay attention to certain points (these are also listed). Take at least 10 screenshots and upload them as single images.

The test content description is detailed, so there really can’t be much wrong. Usually, you have to upload appropriate screenshots to the platform for a test because this is the best way to document certain errors and usability weaknesses. So you should already know how to take screenshots, but that’s not a problem for technology freaks anyway.

The test description also lists what the tester should not do. You will also find the time frame within which the test is to be taken and the amount of the remuneration.

There is a deadline for the entry test; anyone who has not completed the test by this point will not be admitted as a tester.

You should take at least 30 minutes for the entry test. If you have entered several end devices in your profile, a test on the desktop PC and a test on the smartphone are available. You just have to choose one of the two.

Learn more about Testbirds

I find Testbirds’ dashboard well explained. There you will also find FAQ and a detailed description of how to correctly set up a software test on the platform.

Every month in the Hall of Fame, a tester who is particularly positive is selected as Tester of the Month.

I cannot say exactly how many tests are carried out on a regular basis. It can happen that you don’t find a test in your dashboard for a week or two, and then you can take a test every day for a longer period of time. Each test must be carried out within a certain period of time. If you really don’t have time, you can write in your profile that you currently don’t want any test invitations.

The invitation to tests also depends on the user profile that is required for the test and also on the number of devices that have been entered. If a lot of apps are tested, you have bad cards on a test invitation if you only carry out tests on the desktop PC.

From an account balance of 10 euros, you can have the amount transferred to your bank account.

Tips for successfully completing software tests

  • You should check your e-mails regularly to see whether new invitations to tests have been received because the tests are awarded on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • First, you should read the task carefully and then decide whether you can spend the time on this test. If not, then better refuse. Some tests can be done in an hour, others take significantly more time, usability tests, in particular, are often very time-consuming.
  • And the search for programming errors, so-called bugs, requires concentration and thorough work. You can’t just run tests like this while watching TV or playing computer games, you really shouldn’t be distracted by other things.
  • If you have already completed a few tests, you will of course also gain experience where mistakes and usability weaknesses can be found. It is therefore worthwhile to draw up a to-do list with certain steps that you work through for each test. For example, you should always check in an app test how the app behaves if you have no reception when using it.
  • When testing, you should put yourself in different user groups and think about what they would expect from the app or the software and its features. How would an elderly person with little software routine operate the software to be tested, for example?
  • If you do not understand a test or parts of the test description, you should first send an inquiry to support before simply starting with it and possibly doing something wrong.
  • Once you have completed the test, you should only submit it if you feel really sure that you have followed everything, and if you have checked the individual tasks again.
  • The screenshots and files of tests should be kept on your computer in thematically divided folders. If there are any inquiries from Testbirds, you can go back to the documents created and document something.


If you like to test browser games, enterprise software, apps for smartphones, and websites for errors and weaknesses, you can really have fun with this task at Testbirds. However, the tester job is not an uncomplicated side job.

First of all, you have to work in a concentrated and precise manner and you have to bring the appropriate time. If you cannot spend this time after your full-time job, you should stay away from it. Because depending on the user profile, more than 30 hours per month or even more can be spent on such tests.

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