How to earn by just searching the internet: Irazoo review

Can you really earn a lot of money performing internet searches using the iRazoo search engine function?

Wondering whether the IRazoo is a legit online opportunity to help you earn some extra bucks doing some easy tasks?

I decided to put together this iRazoo review based on my personal experience using iRazoo as a side hustle to accumulate some income online. I believe this will help a few new byes trying to earn some cash online get a clear picture as to what iRazoo is all about and whether it is worth their time.

To begin with, in case you are in doubt as to whether is legit or a scam, we have got all that covered in this review. But finding out just that won’t make a lot of sense, so I would like to urge you to stay around and read this post to the end in order to get the full benefit out of it.

 A quick introduction to iRazoo

iRazoo is a legit Get-Paid-To site that has stood the test of time.  According to them, they have paid a lot of people to a total of $96,392388 without any issues besides some complaints here and there (which is normal sometimes).

IRazoo as a company has its headquarters in New York, United States. The platform is open to users globally.

I have also attached the iRazoo payment proof to if that can help you to join with more confidence that you will be compensated for your efforts.

irazoo payment proof

iRazoo earning options:

Now that you know iRazoo is not a scam, wouldn’t you be interested in finding out more about what it has to offer so that you can decide whether it’s worth it or not?

Paid surveys

While there are various earning options available on iRazoo, paid surveys are the main way to enable you to earn more on this platform.

IRazoo surveys are accessed through partner sites, so whenever you choose a survey, you will be redirected to another survey provider to complete it there, but you will still be paid on your iRazoo account.

This approach is common with many Get-Paid-To sites and you will find that similar sites to iRazoo may also offer the same surveys but at different pay rates. In case you happen to be earning from other similar sites, just know that you won’t be eligible to take the same survey again and again.

One problem with this is that you won’t be able to see directly from the dashboard how much you will earn when you choose to do a survey. It is usually motivating when you choose a survey with the pay rate already displayed. This is normally the case with the survey sites not relying on third-party survey providers.

irazoo surveys

In order to make more money out of such sites, you have to prioritize which of these sites offer better pay rates and choose to complete such surveys through them.

Before you start answering any surveys, you will be supposed to take a 5-minute survey profiler. This involves answering up to 18 questions about yourself. This helps the platform to better match you with the surveys when they become available.

Taking the profiler survey will reward you 100 points to start with.

Get paid for completing the offers

On the offer section, you can get paid to complete some easy offers on the iRazoo offers section. These offers include; participating in contests, downloading mobile apps, or signing up for trial services.

There are usually not many opportunities in this section, but when you are lucky enough to find a few good offers available, they pay more.

Always ensure to read the conditions and understand them so that you complete the offers provided accordingly. Just be careful and only give permissions to what you find okay. Some of these offers require you to give permissions to access your sensitive personal data.

Get paid to watch videos

With iRazoo, you can get paid to watch videos too. The videos you may find available are from many different categories and you are likely to find some really entertaining to watch. The reward in this section is not that attractive but if you have a lot of free time to spend on the site, then it is worth giving it a shot.

irazoo videos

What you should just know is that the rewards earned for watching videos on any GPT site is generally low. So, you should not expect much when you spend hours watching videos for some cash.

Get paid to search with iRazoo search Engine

You got the post title right? This sounds like getting paid to browse the web, right? iRazoo happens to have its own search engine you can set up just the same way you normally do with Google and perform searches with to earn points. Their search engine is powered by Yahoo.

irazoo search engine

If you ask what my opinion is about the iRazoo search engine, I find it not up to the standard at all. In terms of using this as the earning option, it may not be worth it even though it seems to be one unique option you can’t find on other similar sites.

This option would be something iRazoo would be very proud of in case it was worth in from the users’ point of view.

Get paid to play games online

You can also be able to earn some income by playing video games too on iRazoo. If you are a fan of computer games such as Solitaire, Crossword, Bridge, etc, you can still enjoy getting paid to play these games.

However, this option doesn’t seem to have a lot of earning opportunities for users from some countries. So, in case you are not able to see any games you can play in there; just know you are not from one of the supported countries.

iRazoo promo codes

iRazoo often posts promo codes on their Facebook or Twitter pages. These promo codes are redeemable for free points on condition that you must have at least completed one task on iRazoo within the last 24 hours.

This feature must have been put in place to check on the activity of the users. So, to make use of the iRazoo promo codes, you have to take a closer look at their social channels besides being active on the platform, otherwise, the promo codes won’t be redeemed for free points.

Daily goals

With this IRazoo daily goals feature, you earn extra points whenever you reach a certain predetermined daily goal.

irazoo daily goals

As you can see in the image, if you earn 25 points in one day, you get 5 extra points. If you earn 300 points in a day, you get 25 extra points. If you earn up to 800 points in a day, you get an extra 50 points.

It’s also interesting to note that there is also a monthly bonus relating to the number of days you reached the daily bonus.

Even though this doesn’t give you much income, ensuring that you achieve certain daily goals is a motivation to earn more though other earning opportunities available.

Refer other people and earn points

iRazoo has a referral program where you get rewarded when you invite other people to join the platform and stay active.

The referral bonus, which ranges between 100 to 500 points depending on the country of the referral, will be received when the invited member accumulates 1000 points or more. This can be translated to $0.16 to $0.80 in dollar value.

The invited person also gets a 500 bonus for using your referral code when joining. So, I highly recommend that you use my referral code ZTR9UH when you join to ensure you don’t miss the bonus.

This is a mutual benefit thing. So, if you decide to be selfish and join without using any referral code, fine, go ahead. We both miss the bonus.

Though many find this as a limited referral program compared to what other similar sites are offering, you can be able to earn some extra income if you have a lot of friends interested in opportunities offered by iRazoo.

iRazoo payout options

Whenever you do a survey, complete an offer, watch a video, etc, you earn points. The points accumulated can be subsequently exchanged for various prizes depending on your preferences and the country you are from.

For the USA or Canada residents, you can opt between Gift cards and PayPal.  As for users from other countries, you have PayPal as the only payment option.

In order to request the payment through PayPal, you must have earned at least 12000 points- the equivalent of $20 USD.

In case you prefer getting paid via Gift Cards, you only need a minimum of 3000 iRazoo points.

Based on the above values, if you perform quick math, you should find that 100 iRazoo points are worth $0.16, which is not much.

According to the pay rates per task, the threshold of $20 is very high compared to other similar sites and may take longer to reach that.

Also, you have to be aware that in case of 60 days inactivity in your account, iRazoo will reset your earnings down to zero.

Whether this measure was put in place to keep the members actively completing the tasks, it may also mean that the points earned on iRazoo have no monetary value until redeemed for the real cash.

How much potential is iRazoo?

So, how much is it likely to earn using iRazoo opportunities?

As you already know all different available ways to earn using iRazoo, it should give you a rough idea as to how much you can expect to earn, but you should also factor in some obvious impeding factors.

Irazoo offers various earning options besides the activity bonuses that can enable you to make some quick cash in free time, but not enough to pay your daily life bills.

In other words, you cannot fully rely on the iRazoo earnings as your main source of income, so no matter how long you take working on the tasks available, the resulting ROI won’t be worth your time spent.

In my opinion, there are other online earning ways worth the time and it will be worth it spending hours and hours of time there while building a sustainable income rather than this.

Who is eligible to join?

We have already mentioned this in the introductory part of this post. iRazoo is available worldwide and anyone over 18 with a reliable internet connection can join. However, different countries receive varying earning opportunities, so you may receive more or fewer earning opportunities since some tasks are specifically targeted.

Pros and cons:


  • It is open worldwide
  • Referral program
  • Various earning options
  • Pays through PayPal


  • High cash out threshold
  • Not clear how much the points are worth
  • Low pay rate
  • Earned points are reset to zero after 60 days
  • Some countries may have limited earning opportunities
  • Limited referral program

Final conclusion

Joining iRazoo will enable you to earn some extra income by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, etc, but won’t make you enough money to fire your boss. You may also be interested in these best money making apps.

I can recommend iRazoo for those looking to earn some few bucks online in their free time, students searching for ways to earn some pocket money, or generally the beginners with no technical internet marketing experience.

As for those who have little to no time to spend on earning pennies, you have the option to spend the little time you have to learn to build your online business for free.

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