How To Earn Easy $5 daily: Unique Rewards Review

uniquerewards reviews

Taking a quick glance at, you can easily conclude that you have discovered the online opportunity to make easy money fast. Is this really the case? Find out every detail in this Unique Rewards review.

In this review, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Unique Rewards and leave you yourself to decide as to whether this online earning opportunity is for you to join or not. Or in case you’ve already joined Unique rewards, then fine, you will still have an oversight to decide as to whether to stay or move elsewhere to find greener pastures.

What is Unique Rewards all about? is a Get -Paid-To (GPT) website claiming to offer various easy money-making ways the users can opt for. This platform has been around for quite a long time and been used by many members from different locations who seem to have successfully been paid.

Unique Rewards has two distinct membership levels. You get automatically upgraded from default member status to Gold membership when you reach $20 earnings and cash-out.

The membership status upgrade is free, and as a Golden member, there is access to more higher-paying offers, surveys etc.

So, this is some kind of motivation to the members who aim to unlock the bonuses that come with upgrading.

Before we continue, you may also be interested in knowing whether Unique Rewards presents the earning opportunity for users worldwide, whether it pays through PayPal, its minimum payout threshold requirement, and whether it’s legit or a scam.

All the above will be completely covered in this review as I already promised and there is no reason to worry about all that.

Unique Rewards earning options

As we have already mentioned, Unique Rewards offers several earning streams. The earning opportunities available have different earning potential and it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Joining Bonus

There is a sign-up bonus of $5 dollars. You are just supposed to do your first offer to earn this reward to be credited to your account. Completing the offer is also the activity to activate your account. sign up bonus

The signup bonus offers are provided by their partner providers promoted by Unique Rewards, and you may be required to sign up too to complete the offers. Though it looks like a quick way to earn some extra cash, it may be a challenge in case you are already a member to the sites you are supposed to sign up to in order to complete the offer.

Answer Unique Rewards surveys

As usual, surveys take a huge percentage of the earning opportunity on most of the GPT sites; and Unique Rewards is no different.

Unique Rewards surveys are just third-party surveys that can also be accessed through similar survey sites.

This cooperation with a number of survey providers ensures that the Unique Rewards members have decent surveys available.

unique rewards surveys

In case you are not aware, you have to know that you will never qualify for every survey you try to answer. In fact, you won’t qualify for most of the surveys you will find available- but that is the usual thing with GPT site surveys anyway.

So, you will have to be patient in order to earn some decent unique rewards on this platform by sharing your opinions.

Get rewarded to complete offers

The Unique Rewards platform has offer walls available by their advertising partners. It’s through this offer walls that Unique Rewards usually make their money.

When you click the offer, it will take you to the advertiser’s website. Then, there are instructions provided that have to be adhered to when completing the offers. You only get rewarded upon completing the offers accordingly.

Get paid to click ads

Sounds like a PTC way of earning? No, this is a bit different. Unlike those boring PTC sites. Unique Rewards paid-to-click ads are actually just links to their advertisers’ offers. So, these are much similar to normal offer walls.

unique rewards paid to click earning

Here, clicking the ad earns you $0.01 and the waiting session between each click is 30 seconds.

Cashback offers

Though Unique Rewards claim to have this as the rewarding option on the platform, I wasn’t able to make use of it since it never showed any offer available whenever I checked.

In case you’re unfamiliar with cashback offer reward option, it involves getting some cashback when you shop from some particular partner online stores.

Fortunately, I am still able to access the service through the best cashback sites you can take a look at too.

Get paid to invite people to join

Through their referral program, you earn a commission based on the activity of the people you invite to join Unique Rewards.

Check how this works;

  • A referral completing the first task earns you $1
  • You earn 10% commission on referral’s lifetime earnings
  • You earn $5 on the referral who performs cash out ($20)

As you can see, the more people you invite to join Unique Rewards, the more passive income you will accumulate.

Get paid to watch videos

Get paid to watch videos on Unique Rewards. The videos available may be just about anything. You will earn some extra cash watching videos here, but don’t expect to earn much.

On Unique Rewards, watching a 12-minute video will earn you $0.01. If you perform a quick math, you find that you will need to watch up to 20 hours to earn $1. So, unless you have a lot of extra time to spend online on the site, I don’t recommend this.

Participate in Free contests

When you sign up and become a Unique Rewards member, you are automatically put on the list of participants of the free contests when they become due.

I am not sure if this option is actually active. Since, the last time I checked, I saw that there were no contests at the moment. All I gathered is that the latest winner was awarded some years back.

unique rewards contests

Get paid to listen to the radio

Sounds too good to be true to get paid to listen to the radio, doesn’t it? All right, there is this option too on Unique Rewards. There are the instructions in their FAQs to get you started on this earning option. Each successful listening session should earn you $0.01.

If you find this rate as worth your time, then be it. As for me, I better utilize my free time on my best online income-generating projects.

How much can you make using Unique Rewards?

Well, based on the embedded video, you can expect to make a full living working on the Unique Rewards platform- which is not practical at all.

If it were as easy as it is indicated in this video, everyone would be working from home like the Fat Bob. You can possibly make some extra cash without any experience, but not that much your bills with.

Take, for example, watching videos or listening to the radio options. You need up to 20 hours of activity to earn $1.

If you are to answer the surveys (which are not always available), then based on your qualifying rate, you can be able to earn up to $1 per survey as a Golden member. Again it will depend on your qualifying rate.

So, basically, you should not join Unique Rewards with high expectations because you will definitely be disappointed.

Who can join Unique rewards?

Unfortunately, not everyone can join and try out the Unique Rewards earning opportunity. You can only be eligible to join Unique Rewards in case you reside in either the USA, the UK, or Canada.


If you have been following this Unique Rewards review closely, you must have already noted a lot of cons as compared to the pros.


  • A variety of earning options
  • Free and easy to join
  • Upgrading to Gold membership unlocks higher-paying tasks
  • Having PayPal as the payment method boosts confidence in users
  • Enticing referral program


  • Payout threshold of $20 is fairly high for a GPT site
  • Low earning potential
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Some of the available earning options seem obsolete
  • Not available worldwide

Final Verdict

Unique Rewards is a legitimate site to help you earn some substantial income online if you reside in any of the above-mentioned countries. Just like many other GPT sites out there, you will earn some cash, but not enough to sustain you financially.

Still, looking for a better online earning opportunity? Look no further. THIS SECRET PAGE has a full list of legitimate earning opportunities you can’t find elsewhere.

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