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You have got the employees motivated to work for your company in the long run? You have got happy customers who are eager to sing your brand name on top of their voices?

Great job! You’ve got all it takes to propel your marketing campaigns to the new highs at no cost, only if you know how to utilize those employees and customers as brand product ambassadors.

How to win employees and customers as brand ambassadors

Let’s get down to the facts and find out how to win and utilize employees and customers to work as your brand ambassadors as opposed to spending large sums of money on social media influencers agencies.

For a brand to succeed on the market easily, it is not only about quality but also the reputation. The quality and reputation of a company/brand are largely responsible for success.

It is not enough for companies to present themselves in the best possible way, but for credible and authentic brand ambassadors. In the best case, these differ from the insane number of influencers who advertise each product and company for a corresponding payment.

Brand ambassadors are credible advocates who really stand behind what they say – and thus spread the good name and reputation of the company. We explain to you who exactly brand ambassadors are, what good reasons there are for companies to use them for themselves and how companies can use the advantages of brand ambassadors for themselves.

What exactly are brand ambassadors anyway?

In terms of Brand ambassador meaning, it can be simply defined as people who have a great influence on the perception of a company or a product. Hopefully, brand ambassador meaning won’t be confused for the influencers.

In fact, brand ambassadors act as advocates in everyday life. They make use of word of mouth telling friends, colleagues, acquaintances or other people about their positive experiences and their enthusiasm for a brand via social media. That way, they not only increase awareness but also enormously improve the reputation of products or services.

It is up to companies to recognize the value of brand ambassadors and try to use them in a targeted manner. It is not necessarily a question of paying someone for the work and duties of a brand ambassador. There is a risk that the brand credibility will be lost eventually in case no one is out there to share those good experiences with potential consumers. Rather, incentives and strategies are to be developed to turn employees or customers into brand ambassadors on their own initiative.

Examples of brand ambassadors

First of all, anyone can theoretically act as a brand ambassador voluntarily by just sharing an opinion, but these are usually divided into two categories: employees and customers. Employees are suitable as brand ambassadors because they can present honest and positive image of the company from the inside. Employees who identify openly with the company and report positively to the outside are an important factor, especially for employer branding.

On the other hand, customers are often even more important as brand ambassadors. Hardly anything can increase the awareness and popularity of a brand as sustainably as the honest recommendation of customers to other potential consumers. You can easily observe this on your own: If a good friend recommends a product, a provider or a service, it is much more important. The reasons for this are trust and credibility.

Honestly, communication between people with faces and personal characteristics is decisive for image as well as the range of companies. This is because people are much more interested in other people and their stories than in faceless corporate messages- which can be easily disapproved as “just another sweet-talking marketer at work to earn a living.”  This is so true according to the experts about communication strategy, content marketing and social media.

The effects of brand ambassadors are particularly strong and visible in the direct environment, especially among friends and family. However, customers can also be observed as brand ambassadors on a larger scale. Popular example: Loyal customers of Apple products. There are literal discussions and debates on the Internet in which enthusiastic customers are passionate about the advantages of the brand and the products.

Win brand ambassadors: how can it work?

For companies, the advantages of brand ambassadors are obvious: the reputation is improved, awareness is increased, the ambassadors make credible and therefore effective advertisements that expand the customer base and also do not leave any gaps in the marketing budget. However, it becomes difficult when it comes to the question of how brand ambassadors can be won for the company and products.

Of course, there is the possibility to pay for such services and to employ a brand ambassador who strives to achieve the desired effects – but this does not promise much success, because the special thing about real brand ambassadors is the fact that they passing on messages and conveying positive impressions, but not acting as a direct mouthpiece for a company, but acting on your own initiative.

If brand ambassadors are paid, it is only a modified form of advertising, a new marketing channel that is controlled by the company. Brand ambassadors can also be won differently, whereby the strategies for employees and customers must be chosen accordingly:

How to win employees as brand ambassadors

Some employers would like to prescribe that employees act as brand ambassadors. However, this does not work and leads to opposite effects. The experts say: “You can’t force engagement. The individual will only declare himself as ready to expose himself to his employer and to become a brand ambassador if he feels that the personal advantages outweigh any feared disadvantages.”

Thus, two circumstances must come together so that employees become brand ambassadors: Firstly, employee satisfaction must be the focus, since the more authentic and enthusiastic the enthusiasm is for your employer, the greater the impact. On the other hand, it requires clear communication that the company is happy to see and support it when employees hold up the flags of the company.

How to win customers as brand ambassadors

In order to attract customers as brand ambassadors, two things are particularly important: quality and customer orientation. If customers are really and sustainably convinced and enthusiastic about the services offered, they will almost automatically become brand ambassadors – at least in the private sphere, they will report on their positive experiences and recommend the product.

It is also helpful if you make it as easy as possible for customers to become brand ambassadors. For example, options can be offered to directly recommend your own products online or to leave comments/feedback on the company’s social platforms.

Tips to maximize the benefits of brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors should not be seen as a sure-fire success. Effects can be observed even without major measures by companies after brand ambassadors have been won, but the effects can be amplified if brands make the necessary effort and take some tips to heart:

Develop a strategy

The first step for companies should be to develop a clear strategy for brand ambassadors. Important questions are: Which measures should brand ambassadors be attracted to? Which goals should be pursued in the long term? How can employees be made brand ambassadors? What changes are necessary? The procedure should not be left to chance but should be clearly defined as part of the marketing strategy.

Identify and motivate brand ambassadors

Many brand ambassadors act invisibly for companies if, for example, there is positive reporting in the private circle of friends. However, numerous customers share their opinions online – via reviews, testimonials or social media channels. Brand ambassadors should be identified here in order to continue to motivate them.

This can be quite simple by reinforcing the positive image that already exists. Mark posts with likes, thank you for positive comments or experiences and follow the contributions of the brand ambassador. You can go a step further by rewarding brand ambassadors, for example with small giveaways or special offers.

Combine other campaigns

Brand ambassadors belong in the marketing area and should not be considered independently, but should be integrated into it. Other measures and campaigns can be built on the positive effects of brand ambassadors, for example. Employee interviews can, for example, be an opportunity to present employees more intensely as ambassadors for the company.

In conjunction with other marketing efforts, potential can be used to combine the advantages and effects of various measures.

With all the above tips to maximize the benefits of the brand ambassadors put to work, why would one need to pay for the services of the social media influencers?

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