Is OfferNation Legit? OfferNation review

offernation review

You just stumbled upon online earning opportunity but still wondering whether it is a legit earning opportunity to join or a scam?

No worries. There are more scams than legitimate online opportunities on the web and it is very much advisable to approach every purported online earning opportunity with caution.

I believe that is the exact reason you reached this review page- to find out more details about the OfferNation opportunity. Time is money and there’s no need to waste it on some so-called opportunities that are actually scams.

In this OfferNation review, we reveal every detail including whether OfferNation is legit, how it works, earning options, who is eligible, whether we recommend it or not, and much more.

Introduction to Offer Nation

Offer Nation is one of the Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites owned by the 99 Ventures. Some of the other popular GPT sites owned by the 99 Ventures are and RewardingWays. These are similar sites offering various earning opportunities.

Is OfferNation legit?

Just like (read the full review here) and RewardingWays, OfferNation is a legitimate GPT site offering various similar earning opportunities to the aforementioned sites.

I have used the site and can assure you that you will be paid every penny you earn as long as you work according to their terms.

I have decided to attach a proof of payment so that you work on this site confidently knowing that your hard work will be rewarded too. proof of payment

OfferNation earning options

As I have already mentioned, OfferNation as a GPT site offers various earning options to choose from.

Some available opportunities will earn you more than others, so it is up to you to choose what suits you most.

Get paid to answer paid surveys

Paid surveys are one of the main ways to earn on OfferNation and the site usually has plenty of surveys to attempt.

You can access the surveys available by clicking on the “Make Money” tab on the menu. The surveys provided are usually by third-party providers, which may need you to fill out some personal info the first time in order to access the surveys.

ofernation surveys

Based on your location, you won’t be able to access some of the tasks available even though OfferNation is open to users worldwide.

Also bear in mind that you will only participate in surveys that you qualify for. In some cases, you won’t qualify to take the chosen surveys for some reason. But you have to be patient and keep on trying in order to find the surveys you qualify for and take part in.

This is not a new issue if you are aware of how most of the GPT sites work. The qualification test is usually put in place to ensure only people who meet particular demographics participate so that they collect the right data.

Get paid to complete offers

In the offer wall section, there are several earning ways you can choose to utilize. Sometimes, there are offers to sign up for free trials for certain services. Most of such offers give very big rewards, but always ensure that you read their terms and condition in order to complete them correctly.

The offer walls also sometimes have some surveys and videos to earn some additional extra bucks.

Get paid to download apps

These are tasks specifically for mobile phone users still accessible on the offer walls section. You will get paid to download and install a game or an app to your mobile phone.

To ensure that you get rewarded, you have to check the conditions attached and complete the offer accordingly. Sometimes you are supposed to install the game and play it to a certain level to get credited. Other times, you just need to install and open the app to get rewarded.

Refer other people

When you invite other people to join OfferNation, you are eligible to get paid 25% of the referrals’ lifetime earnings.

earn by referring people

So, if you know a lot of people who would be interested in taking surveys, completing offers, etc to earn some cash online, then you just have to share your referral link with them to join OfferNation through it.

By so doing, you will get paid a passive income of 25% on whatever they earn as long as they remain active on the platform.

Welcome bonus

By just joining OfferNation, you are rewarded a $0.25 bonus to start off with. This may not be that large amount, but it is free money anyway, and it gets you closer to your first cash out.

OfferNation promo codes

OfferNation seldom posts promo codes to their Face book and Twitter pages besides the normal site offers. So, you will have to connect with them on their social media pages and check frequently to ensure you won’t miss that chance.

offernation promo codes

The OfferNation promo codes usually give around $0.20 when you are lucky to utilize any.

Participate in OfferNation contest

As long as you’re the OfferNation subscriber, you will automatically enter the $1000 total prize quarterly contest. The prize is to be shared by 20 top contestants. The top contestant gets $350, down to $10 for the last of the 20 top members.

offernation cash contest

So, provided you are actively working on Offernation and be lucky to be counted amongst the top 20 earners, you will be eligible for a share of the $1000 contest prize.

I understand it won’t be a walk in the park to qualify for this, but it will keep you motivated to work harder and still earn more by utilizing the main earning options- which is the main purpose of the contest anyway.

Member chat area

This is the chatbox you see on the right side of the screen when you are logged in. Through the chatbox, you can ask questions to the moderators or the other members. The chatbox also often shows automatic notifications about how other members are earning. Sometimes, the continuous reward notifications overshadow the chats going on at the same time.

How do you get paid?

By completing surveys, app downloads, offers, etc, you get rewarded with either cash or Offernation points.

The earnings accumulated can be paid out in several ways.

You can get paid cash through PayPal, Skrill, Payza, or Bitcoins. In order to get paid, the total earning should meet the required minimum threshold.

offernation payment methods

In the case of PayPal, you will need a minimum of $1. For Payza, you only need $10, and $40 for Bitcoin.

The earned points can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards. This will require a minimum of 500 points (Equivalent to $5) but you should have at least received one cash payment to utilize this payment option.

The earned points can also be converted into cash in case you find it convenient to receive all your earnings in cash. To do this, just go to the “Withdraw” section and utilize the “Convert” feature.

In terms of value, 1 point is equivalent to 1 cent.

Can you make a lot of money using OfferNation?

The same thing with similar GPT sites, how much money you can make on OfferNation depends on a lot of things.

Your location and the time you dedicate to the activity on the platform matters a lot. Some of the high paying tasks are only available to users from tier 1 countries. So, this can be a setback to the users who are not.

What does this suggest? It means that as long as one is not from such countries, there is a slim chance to become one of the top 20 contestants eligible for a share of the $1000 quarterly contest prize.

However, with all the factors in your favor, OfferNation has a very high earning potential if you utilize the available earning opportunities to the maximum.

With their affiliate program, there is a high potential of earning a passive income if you are lucky to invite dedicated members who find the platform interesting.

Above all, you should not join OfferNation expecting to earn quick cash to become rich. You will be disappointed with what you will get.

Who is eligible to join OfferNation?

Anyone over 18 years from wherever in the world, with reliable internet connection device, can join OfferNation and start earning some cash with no experience needed.

Warning: Never try to log in to OfferNation while abroad. Your account will be banned in case detected to being logged in from the country other than the one you registered in since it will be seen as a fraud attempt.

Pros and cons

So, before you join you may need to take a closer look at some of the things people like and don’t like about OfferNation and possibly make an educated decision as to whether this is worth your time or not


  • Various payout options
  • Low payout threshold
  • Available to users worldwide
  • A lot of earning options


  • Difficult to qualify for the surveys
  • Difficult to navigate the site
  • Not many offers for users from certain countries

Final verdict

You can earn some money utilizing OfferNation, but not much to make a full living.

If you are the type of person looking to earn some substantial income online, OfferNation has the potential to assist you to earn just that much or more. But if you are the kind who is looking for the online earning opportunity to quit your day job soon, then you better look at these legit online jobs.

Still interested in joining the OfferNation? Go ahead and JOIN HERE NOW.

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