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Are you currently looking for legitimate work from home opportunities to boost your current income? If yes, there are numerous legit online jobs that actually pay real cash hourly, daily or weekly or whatever period of time as long as one has met the minimum earnings threshold.

As a teen, I used to wonder how to make money as a teen online. If we’re in the same shoes, then you are lucky to be here for I have something special as well to share with you since I have found you flexible online jobs for students that pay through PayPal that I hope you will love.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the trusted online money making sites I have myself tried.

To cut a meandering story short, here is my well-researched list of real online jobs that pay

Legit data entry jobs

These are usually considered simple work from home jobs for beginners since they only need basic internet user skills to get going. Anyway, for one to actually earn anything decent from the online data entry jobs, one must be very fast and accurate at online typing to enjoy the job and possibly receive daily payment.

In case you possess the described requirements above, you can take a look at the following trusted online money making sites;

  • 2captcha
  • Megatypers
  • Remotasks.com
  • hivemicro.com

Get paid to do tasks online

These are just other simple work from home jobs that any beginner can earn his/her first PayPal money online. In such jobs, you will be paid real cash or gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, listening to online radio, voting to polls, making a purchase online, signing up to offers, clicking ads, liking, downloading apps, surfing the web, etc. Here are some popular sites to look into;

  • Prolific academic
  • Mobroc
  • Triaba
  • Ysense.com
  • Swagbucks
  • Paidtowrite.com
  • Microworkers.com
  • Bitlanders.com

Get paid to be a friend online

This sounds like nonsense, right? But it is not since it’s possible to get paid to follow someone as a friend. You can try this at Twitchfollowers.com

Call reviewing jobs

Of course, you have sometimes made calls to some companies and got warned that the “calls would be recorded for compliance and training purposes,” right?

Such companies normally pay third party companies a lot of money that eventually pays the online call reviewers to get the calls reviewed/sorted into different call categories for easy access to calls serving different purposes including potential sales leads. One of the popularly known companies offering call review jobs is Humanatic.com.

Humanatic normally recruits call reviewers online for call reviewing jobs and pays weekly to any call reviewer who has met the minimum weekly threshold amount balance of $10. Fortunately, as a fast learner, you can be able to reach this required minimum in a day.

Get paid to work online as a virtual assistant

Getting paid working as a virtual assistant is another online work from home job that requires one to be directly associated with the company he would be representing. The VA usually can be able to handle the customers’ inquiries on behalf of the represented company. The VA has access to the customer info database and can access it through the internet working from home just like he/she is in the company premises.

Still dissatisfied by the above list? No worries. If you are looking for legit online jobs that actually pay well then you got to take a look at the following list of legitimate work from home opportunities

I would like to first advise that these are not easy work at home jobs, else everyone would be doing them to get paid daily as part-time or full-time jobs. In fact, it’s those few who actually work hard, consistently and take time to learn that usually succeed. So, in case you are here for a “make instant money online absolutely free via PayPal” kind of thing, then you are free to keep looking at the above list of legitimate work from home opportunities or elsewhere.

It is from this list that you will find the highest paying online jobs that actually pay and you can get paid daily up to $1000 via PayPal. I can’t say I am currently making that much but there are people I know who have mastered a certain skill and are doing it easily. The best thing about these online jobs category is that they are long term online investment opportunities and can bring in income passively if done the right way.

Start own niche blog

There is endless legitimate work from home opportunities that are usually unlocked by owning an authority niche blog. By blogging, the publisher can be able to monetize the blog by either serving the ads via popular internet advertising networks like;

  1. AdSense
  2. PropellerAds
  3. Media.net
  4. Ezoic
  5. Adsterra
  6. Infolinks
  7. PopAds
  8. PopCash
  9. Evadav
  10. RevContent

etc and be earning a lot of cash passively online. The amount of cash earned usually depends on the popularity of the particular blog, its blogging niche and the engagement of the blog audience. It is not just merely driving the traffic to the blog.

In order not to put all the eggs in the same basket, besides serving ads on the blog posts, some publishers decide to place affiliate links on their blog pages and to easily tap in the affiliate commissions whenever their readers end up making purchases through the affiliate links provided.  Some popular blogs on the web actually mint money by simply serving paid ads on their web pages besides other methods of monetizing blogs.

I hope now you understand why you should actually create a blog in the near future in case you have a dream to own a successful business online.

Affiliate marketing

I hope this is not the first time you are coming across the term affiliate marketing. If it is, then perhaps a quick explanation will be of very much help here. As I have already mentioned above regarding monetizing blogs, affiliate marketing is simply about referring a customer to a particular product using an affiliate link and earning a commission whenever a sale is made on the affiliate site store. It’s usually not necessarily a sale of a tangible product, so shipping is not always in the process of each sale. It can a just a subscription to a particular service, offer or a membership that involves a certain fee payment whether a one-time payment or a recurring payment.

For example, a person searching online for the best accounting software lands would likely land on a blog page with a review about the 10 best accounting software for beginners. Based on the information contained in the accounting software review post, the reader makes up his mind to subscribe to QuickBooks through the affiliate link provided in the post, which earns the publisher/the blog owner a percentage of the total sale as affiliate commission. The best thing about such sales is that in most cases the publisher would be entitled to a recurring commission whenever the customer renews the subscription or upgrades to a higher subscription package.

The same applies to sales such as those made on popular affiliate sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. The only difference here being, the products require to be shipped in order to get the sale completed and there is no recurring commissions as well.

If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing from a total newbie to a professional- which of course YOU DO and I believe you’re seriously looking for good-paying online jobs, then you need to join this best and affiliate training program.

The best thing about the program is that it has a chance for everyone. Meaning what? The training program has two levels of membership; the starter member package and the premium member package. The starter membership subscription package is TOTALLY FREE. As a starter member, you will have a limited access to the training courses but still, you will get access to the tools and course levels enough to get you started with affiliate marketing and probably make a few affiliate sales conversions enough to be able pay for the premium training package and unlock the full potential of the training course. SIGN UP HERE and get started as a starter for a free indefinite access period of time

Trading stocks online

Just like dealing with any other kind of stock, trading stocks is a high-risk business with a quick return on investment [ROI] potential. So, unless one is ready to lose all the money invested then don’t try it until you have learned and mastered the most reliable trading tricks and methods to work and earn safely trading stocks online. There are reliable paid and training courses on the web you can search for, learn and start trading stocks when you actually know what you are doing and be able to make quick cash from home trading stocks on the trusted online trading sites. For beginners, I recommend starting this with copy-trading on Etoro.com. There, you can trade at lower risk since you just copy other traders’ trades.


This is not new to most of the internet users but it is another unsaturated way to make money online quick if you understand what you are doing. This involves selling of products online but doesn’t need one to set up an actual online store, instead the seller usually takes advantage of the differences in pricing on different market places and bridge the gaps by reselling the products at a certain profit margin. For example; the seller identifies a particular product on listed both on Craig list and eBay at different prices. Let’s say the product identified is listed for $250 on eBay and $200 on Craiglist. He goes ahead and purchases it from the Craiglist at $200 and sells it on eBay for $250, making a profit of $50. The easiest way to make $50 income online in a day, right?

Become a freelance worker

While freelancing jobs are considered by some as just online jobs for extra money, they are the only jobs for others to get paid to work from home.

On freelancing sites, you will find professionals working online as;

  • programmers
  • Artificial Intelligence professionals
  • web developers
  • writers
  • copyrighters
  • online bookkeepers
  • accountants
  • web designers
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • social media management agencies
  • SEO analysts etc.  

If you possess any of the skills mentioned above and you’re not yet earning online by offering that, then it is the right time to work online for money using just that.

Anyway, freelancing is currently considered a saturated market place, but is that right? No. One interesting thing or rather a mistake that many freelancers rarely take note of is that; many flock to the freelance sites to try their luck selling the services similar those thousands of other freelancers have been offering for years. The problem here is that there is too much competition on the market and only those with outstanding portfolios and reliable reputation receive orders.

So, is there a chance anymore for the newbie freelancers who have been able to set up their gigs on different freelance sites and been months of waiting for the first order to arrive?

My answer here is yes, there is. The secret to being able to start getting orders to your online gig as a freelancer is to try to be able to be different. What do I mean? It is all about researching the freelance market and identifying the service that is in high demand, learn the skill and set up a professionally sculptured portfolio on different freelance market places offering a similar gig, then wait for the endless orders to flow in.

There are numerous tricks new freelancers apply to win their first orders, but this one is one of the easiest to attract the orders to the gigs you are offering as a newbie freelancer. Now that you’ve learned a new trick to land you the first order as a freelancer, go ahead and learn that rare skill and start making a killing. It actually works on all the popular freelance sites like Freelamcer.com, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Flipping websites for profit

This involves buying and selling websites at a profit. It is commonly known as sites flipping. The most popular market place where selling and buying of websites takes place is Flippa.com.

As I have already mentioned in this very post, blogging opens doors to many other legitimate work from home opportunities. This is just one of them and if one knows what he is doing, it is worth the time and investment. This site-flipping business comes with very huge potential and qualifies as an online job from home that pays well since the skillful sellers can be able to flip sites at over 100% gross profit margin. Consider a seller flipping a site costing $1000 for $2500.

Selling music beats online

Selling music beats online doesn’t need someone to be a professional musician to do it. There are free and paid music production software available online that can be purchased or downloaded for free and used to create professional sounding music beats from scratch. In order to get a better idea of what I am talking about, ake a look at how to create music using free LMM Studio.

LMM Studio is a free windows music making studio for music hobbyists.

Matched betting

Why not just bet like others? Betting is usually considered by many as a very risky investment opportunity and unreliable. Matched betting was invented by a few who believed they can take advantage of the sign-up bonuses offered by the bookies.

Bookies/betting platforms online usually offer very huge free bet bonuses of up to $100. To take advantage of this, the smart gamblers would sign up and get awarded the specific bonus to place their first bet with.

What they do, they go ahead and identify a popular match with good odds included in other bookies as well. In fact, the game has to be a two-way outcome match like volleyball or tennis.

They then go ahead and place a bet on the identified match in the new bookie with all allocated bonus amount. The same is repeated on the same match in a different bookie with a similar amount of cash but the bet placed the opposite way.

In this case, the outcome of the game doesn’t matter at all since it will be secured by the bonus used to place the bet.

If you ask me whether this actually works as a real job online I would say; yes, but not reliable if you are looking for a long term source of income work online.

Get paid to work online as a website or app tester

If you have been browsing the internet for so long, you must have probably come across some sites with numerous glitches that made you leave after realizing they are not navigable at all. What if someone told you that you can actually be paid up to $10 for submitting such bugs?

To find out more, you can take a look at the following sites;

  •  Tester.io
  • testerwork.com
  • Utest.com
  • Usertesting.com
  • testerbirds.com
  • ussercrowd.com

Start a youtube channel

Anyone working with computers and smartphones can create videos and monetize them on a youtube channel. Some of the current highest-paid YouTubers just started it by sharing their own life experiences. Some, who were good gamers decided to share their gaming skill live. As people got attracted to such channels subscribing, liking and commenting, they monetized the channels through AdSense , affiliate links or CPA offers.

I hope you have now made up your mind about which direction to go in your pursuit of a legitimate work from home opportunities that actually pay.

That is it!

But in case you also wish to find more online jobs to make money through your android phone then have a look at the best android apps that pay you money.

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