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Finding real work from home jobs is a wish for many freelancers, but only a few jobs allow this. Most of the work from home jobs that usually promise $1000s as income per day or week are actually scams. However, with a good mentor, sure approach and above all, a positive mindset, it can be done.

It is my pleasure that your curiosity to start your work from home job led you here and it’s my responsibility now to deliver all that I just promised in this single blog post.

Below are over 30 serious ways you can make money online working from home for your own business or other desires from the beginner to advanced levels of making money from home.

Start a blog

We recommend starting a sub-niche blog. With a blog on a narrow topic commonly known as a sub-niche, you can make your money online as long as your blog will attract the targetted audiences, then monetizing the blog, for example, by placing advertisements or do affiliate marketing. Check this article in case you wish to learn more about starting a blog.

Make money Testing websites or apps

The testing of websites by real people is always needed in this digital era. You can usually do the tests from your home PC, iPad, tablet or even smartphones.

Website/apps owners are usually willing to pay the testers to test the user experiences of their websites before the actual launch. This is where web testing sites are very crucial. Testers don’t need to have special skills in order to get invited work on test projects. However, the testing platforms offer their new recruits proper training before being allowed to test. So, this is one of the work from home jobs with no experience needed.

Here are some of the examples of the user-testing sites you can try out with zero experience:

On alone, testers are averaging over 200 Euros per month each. You can sign up here now and start earning right away. They also pay for every valid bug submitted during the onboarding test.

Also, take a look at this article to see how you can get paid working from home using android apps

Earn from home on Facebook

On a Facebook page or group, there is a tonne of money to be made if you know what you’re doing. Not many are aware of this, and just see Facebook as a site for interacting with friends. You can make money on Facebook by use of affiliate links or place ads from other companies. Alternatively, you can also use your private profile or Facebook groups and share affiliate links there too.

Program apps

It doesn’t need one to be a programmer or developer to make money online from this. As long as you have cash, you can hire a freelancer to create the app of your liking for you,  then place the app in the app store or Google Play and earn money by advertising in the app or via sell the app at a profit.

Affiliate marketing

Create one or more websites and recommend products or services that are interesting for your readers. You earn a commission on each sale without the hassle of packaging or shipping the actual product. You can learn more about this HERE. Using this free program, you can be able to earn a lot of cash with affiliate marketing.

Make money online as an Instagram influencer

Just like with the Facebook money making method, set up an Instagram channel on a niche topic and work with other companies from your target group. There are very many startups out there ready to pay a lot of money to get their new products on the market. 

Make money with your Youtube channel

You can make money online with self-made videos, for example by mentioning products and linking in the description to affiliate links or working with external partners.

Make money Moderating forums

Forums must be continuously monitored and unwanted posts removed or moderated. So, there are popular forums on the web that can pay you to work there as a forum moderator

Sell ​​advertising on websites

This is one of the advanced work from home job opportunities requiring one to own a blog/website. So, if you have a website with many visitors, external advertising partners will also contact you. Or you can actively approach other companies from your target group.

Work from home with Twitter advertising

While many Twitter users see Twitter as just another social media site, many Twitter influencers are making money from home using it. You can also post ads or affiliate links on your private or company profile.

Sell ​​own photos for profit

You can upload and sell your own photos on platforms such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, Istockphosto, Dreamstime, etc and earn passive income from them whenever a purchase is made.

Create online courses

If you are well versed in a topic, you can process your knowledge in an online course and sell it to your target group. One of the most popular online market places for online courses is

Participate in E-Sports

In the field of e-sports, you can participate in tournaments and win attractive prize money if successful. If you have reached a certain level of awareness, you can also get sponsored by other companies.

Get paid for text writing working from home

Through platforms such as Paidforarticles or Textbroker, HubPages, medium,, etc, you can earn full-time or part-time money as a copywriter. Of course, you can also search and find orders outside of these platforms especially working from home as a freelance writer.

Social media management

You can use your knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. for other companies and have them compensate you accordingly.

Make money from home Creating t-shirts on POD sites

You can design your own t-shirts on platforms such as Teespring and sell them via the online shops you can custom set up for free. There are many different POD companies

Work from home streaming games

If you are a good gamer, you can work from home streaming some of the most popular games like the Clash of Clans, Fortnite, etc. The most popular streaming service Twitch Tv connects the streamers and the advertisers.

Email marketing

This involves building up one or more email list (s) and recommend recipients’ own or third-party products/services based on the preferences of the subs.

Change your checking account

Through online comparisons, you can find a better current account for yourself and receive a bonus when you switch. Unfortunately, this form of earning is not currently worldwide. This only works in tier 1 nations.

Work from home Selling ​​e-books

Are you knowledgeable in a particular field? Compose an e-book on a specific topic and post it on appropriate platforms such as Amazon Kindle or sell it on your website or social media channels.

Make money working on Transcription jobs:   

There are people I know who are making a full living working online transcribing audio recordings. The income generated is dependant on which platform one is working on since each has a different earning rate per minute audio.  If you are new to this, you can start off by joining any of the following reputable beginner-friendly transcription sites; 

  • QaWorld- You can access the full QA world review here
  • Transcribeme,
  • Gotranscript
  • Scribie,
  • Casting words, etc.
  • Tigerfich
  • Speechpad

Earn quick cash online answering Surveys

You can also carry out surveys on the go and allow yourself a little extra income. Examples of the online sites that provide this opportunity is Ysense Swagbucks, Prolific academic, tested minds, Toluna, etc. Using Ysense alone can net you up to $5 a day provided there are surveys and tasks to complete.

Offer SEO or SEA services

A general tip, with knowledge of search engine optimization or Search engine advertising, you can earn money with customers or use your knowledge for your own web projects. Many companies are usually in need of SEO experts to set up their websites to promote their products online and stand out against competing products. 

Start your own agency

With your own company in the online area, you can sell your own products and earn your money online. This can be in the form of an internet marketing agency specializing in internet marketing maximization services.

Use ad portals

Through ad portals, you can sell unwanted or unused things and thus improve your household budget. 

Program websites for clients

You possess programming skills and don’t know where to apply it for extra cash? Programmers are actually always wanted and paid accordingly. If you are a skilled programmer, then you are in a position to earn a lot online as a freelancer on popular freelancer sites like, Fiverr or Upwork.

Online stock trading

You can also earn money through shares. But be careful: not suitable for beginners, please read the topic thoroughly beforehand. You can try copy trading on Etoro where the beginners are able to make money by just copying the trades opened by the expert traders.

Earn money playing online poker

On many sites, you can play poker online and, depending on your success, take part in tournaments that promise high prize money too.

Make money with your Creative drawings:

If you are a talented artist, you can earn decent cash online on sites such as:

  1. Redbubble
  2. Deviantart
  3. Artstation
  4. Dribble
  5. Society6

Sell or dropship crafts on Etsy

Etsy and other offers allow you to sell home-made products online. You can sell your artistic products like beads, necklaces, etc through this platform.

Make money Posting on PTP Forums:

There are a few PTP forums out there that actually pay and I have already tried them and recommend for anyone who wishes to make an extra shilling to join. Here is the list: Beer money forum, forum coin, 

Bonus tip: 

Be creative! Take a look around where and how you can make money or ask friends and acquaintances if they have tips for you. Otherwise, search this site more and you may discover something else not listed in this article to earn you more money online too.


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