The best app to download youtube videos free

So, you’re looking for the best app to download youtube videos, MP4 videos and audio files for free from any site? In this post, we discuss the best windows and android apps to download youtube videos and any other video streaming sites for free.

1. Youtube video download app for PC

Unlike other sites out there on the web where they post youtube video download app list which in my opinion is worthless. I have reasons for that and you will probably side with me if you just hang on a little to the end of this post.

If you’re looking for the best app to download youtube videos for free, we only recommend that you download and install the Torch browser. Torch browser is very much similar to Google chrome browser but with additional essential features. It is also just another product of Google. So, I doubt you would be very much concerned about the security of your PC upon installing the Torch browser unless you have no idea what Google is in terms of reputation.

Torch browser comes handy with features that enable the users to download any video/audio being streamed on any site by the use of the simple mouse clicks. There is no additional app extension needed for this purpose.

The videos downloaded using the Torch browser are of high-quality MP4 files that can be played by the use of any media player such as Windows media player, VLC media player without any media format issues.

How to download youtube videos using torch browser

As we have already mentioned in this post, the torch browser is not limited to downloading youtube videos alone, it is capable of downloading videos from any streaming site on the web, movie sites included.

Now, assuming you have already installed the Torch browser, when you open the browser you will be looking at the window similar to the one in the screenshot below.

Now click on the youtube play button and you’ll be redirected to youtube where you will be able to choose any video for streaming.

While in the streaming mode, click on the download button- located at the top right corner of the browser.

Once the download begins, you can decide to close the tab if you wish, provided you don’t close the browser entirely, and just wait for your videos to complete downloading.

Another main reason we recommend downloading and installing the torch browser instead of the other good apps or browser extensions to download youtube videos is that; the torch browser also comes with the torrents downloader.

Downloading torrents using the Torch browser

Those who actually understand what torrents are already know how important this torrent downloader feature on the torch browser is. This means that there is no need for downloading other software like uTorrent in order to be able to download torrent files.

With the Torch torrent file downloader, you can be able to download the cracked versions of premium software, computer games, copyrighted movies, etc for free.

That’s to say, besides the normal browsing, the torch browser comes with unlimited benefits over and above the normal Google chrome since while Google chrome only browses using Google search engine, the Torch browser includes Yahoo and bing to search with too.

Download youtube videos using genyoutube chrome extension

Genyoutube is a chrome browser that can also be used to download selective youtube videos. It can also be looked at as one of the best youtube video downloads apps but it may take ages to download a short youtube video clip nowadays. At least that is one biggest setback while using genyoutube to download youtube videos.

2. Android app to download youtube videos

In case you are looking for download youtube videos android app free, I will just recommend what I use.

In fact, I haven’t installed any download youtube videos best app on my phone at the moment but I can still download youtube videos and watch them offline for free. Should I say you can download youtube videos without app instead?

That will be absolutely wrong because I am using the youtube app on my android phone. While in the streaming mode, I can easily download any video by tapping on the download video button.

While the youtube app has its flaws sometimes like not being able to download some videos, it’s still all I have tried so far when it comes to the best android app to download youtube videos.

In case the youtube app for android doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you can try This is actually just a web app for mobile phone users and can be able to search and download some video clips through it.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful. Anyway, feel free to share some of the best apps to download youtube videos you have yourself ever used.

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