The Secret to turn $10 into $1000 day trading for a living like a pro

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Gone are the days when day trading for a living was just a gamble. Not anymore. With the emergence of reliable trading market trends indicators, reputable brokers, and selfless skillful experts who took time to devise working trading techniques and ready to share, day trading has become just as easy as ABC.

You read it right!

 However, let me warn you in advance. Day trading for a living is not for everyone. This is because, what I am about to introduce you to is not actually an automated system to make cash for lazy people. In order to find out whether this is for you or not, consider the following;

Day trading for a living is not for you if you are;

  1. Greedy- people of this character make silly mistakes on impulse expecting to gain a lot in short term especially with trade leverage, heightening the risk which already associates with day trading
  2. Impatient- as a trader, you should not be looking for instant results. Trading never works that way. You will sometimes get disappointed, but that will be just a learning curve. So, you will sometimes stumble but get used to learning from your mistakes and keep moving
  3. Not ready to learn- in order to see any success in trading online, you MUST learn and test different trading techniques and find out what works and what doesn’t
  4. Looking to get rich quick- with such mentality, you will never be successful at anything “online trading” instead of that, keep exploring other online income-generating opportunities.
  5. Not ready to invest some cash- this is a business investment and you have to run it as an entrepreneur investing money to get more money
  6. Desperate to earn income- as usual, desperate moments call for desperate measures and there is no room for that with online trading
  7. Underage- day trading is only safe for grownups that are ready to take responsibility for their investments.
  8. Not a risk-taker- day trading is risky and nothing can guarantee you regular income gains doing it. A good trader should always try to mitigate risks.

Did I just disappoint you? I guess not. I am just reiterating what trading experts pointed out a century ago.

Of course, you are not any of the above in case you are still here to this point. I was just preparing you psychologically and ensuring that you avoid the same mistakes most of the beginner day traders normally make.

Here are the common mistakes beginners make.

Common mistakes beginner day traders make that you should avoid

Reluctance to learning-

This is the biggest mistake. If you refuse to get enrolled in trading classes and be trained to trade safely, you will end up repeating the same mistakes you should have learned from others and avoided losses. What this means is, you will gamble with your trading investment cash and most likely lose it completely. It doesn’t hurt at all to invest some cash in a useful skill that will enable you to invest safely and apply it forever.

Refusal to accept the stock market trends reality

What this means is, stock market has its own rules. You either adhere to them or suffer the consequences. For example, upon opening any trade, you can only expect either to close it in a profit or a loss. In case the market trends don’t go in your favour, and there seems to be no chance of things turning around, it is advisable to start thinking about mitigating the loss by simply closing the trade at a loss. Instead, many beginner day traders decide to leave such trades open hoping for a miracle to happen. They can even go ahead and open new similar trades at double stake amount expecting the immediate reversal of the market trends.

This is gambling, and it never works that way in forex day trading.


This terminology should not sound gibberish if you already understand the day trading basics. To define this in my own words, it just means the act of opening many trades at the same time expecting to close as many as possible in profit.

Unless you are sure of what you are doing, failure to manage them all will likely result in massive losses when the markets become volatile. Forex market is crazy sometimes and things tend to turn around in split seconds. In such cases, the stop losses will be the only savior.

Looking for ways to automate day trading

There are scammers out there who understand the magnitude of stress that comes with day trading as a beginner. The initial mistake you can make is searching for autopilot online day trading systems. Yes, you will be promised loads of gains if you purchase certain programs. But…. Will they deliver?

Don’t waste time chasing automated trading systems as a beginner. If such automated software existed, the developers wouldn’t share such golden secret with anyone. Why would someone want to sell a gold mine when he has all the tools to mine himself?

Launching revenge attack on the stock market

This occurs when you have lost some of your trades and so you lose focus get into trading with a lot of emotions, aiming at winning back the lost cash. Such action usually compounds the risk and the only sure outcome to expect is losing more and more.

In day trading, it is normal to lose some trades. It’s usually considered acceptable as long as the risk-reward ratio is good.

Now, here comes the part you have been waiting for

STEP 1: Choose the best forex trading account broker

There are numerous online trading brokers out there and it might be a very overwhelming task to any beginner day trader finding the best. Don’t worry about that, I am here to recommend to you the best 2 online trading brokers that every expert day trader is using and are very satisfied with.

IQ Option (Click here for overview)

IQ option forex day trading account broker
IQ Option trading account

IQ Option main features

Comes with a demo account loaded with $10000 to practice trading with

  • It requires that you deposit a minimum of $10 in order to start real trading
  • The minimum trade amount is $1
  • There is a mobile app version you can download and use day trading on your phone
  • In-depth beginner to expert trading video tutorials
  • Over 300 world’s most popular assets to invest in


NB: This opportunity is not for you unfortunately if you are from any of the following regions;

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, and the USA.

In that case, the next option should take care of your worries.

Olymp Trade (Click here for overview)

olymp trading day trading account
best day trading broker

Olymp trade main features

  • Similarly comes with a demo account to play around with while learning
  • Available Olymp Trade online app to download and day trade on mobile phone
  • The real trading account comes loaded with a $30 welcome bonus to start trading with (no initial deposit needed to begin real trading)
  • There is no territorial restriction as to who can join


I recommend that you sign up and juggle both of these recommended brokers so that you can, later on, make an informed decision as to which one works better for you. You will understand more in STEP 2.

STEP 2: Learn and master a $50/day trading technical analysis strategy

This is the most important step towards your day trading success. Your dedication, access to the right tools, and resources at your disposal will make a difference between success and failure.

So, what is a $50/day trading strategy? Did you know that while trading is considered a gamble by over 95% of those who attempt to make money trading online, about 5% of pro traders have devised a sure win/win trading strategy by taking THE ULTIMATE DAY TRADING TRAINING COURSE?

Not yet sure what I am referring to? Go ahead and get enrolled in the only training course you will ever need in order to replicate the results of the experienced trading experts within no time.

Compared to the value of the skill you are going to acquire during this course, you will realize that this is the most affordable course you won’t find anywhere else.  


That is all you need in order to get started turning your $10 into $1000 trading like a professional day trader even if you are a total noob. I can assure you that you will be able to replicate the results of the expert traders trading safely and without much stress.

Many who took serious action enrolling for this day trading course were able to recover their training fees within the first few weeks through day trading by simply applying the basics of what they were learning.

If that happens, you will be taking the subsequent studies just as an on job training. Sounds great, right?

With this ultimate online day trading training course, you will unravel the ultimate secrets not many  are aware of.

Be the first among your friends to make use of this wonderful training and surprise everyone when it starts paying back.

STEP 3: Bank hard like a pro trader

I don’t think there is much to explain here. With all the parts in the aforementioned steps pieced together accordingly, sit back and enjoy the loot.

Bonus: bank more as an expert day trading coach

Trading skill is one of the top-sought internetwork specialty by many who understand its limitless potential. Upon mastering such skill, many experts establish trading consultancy agencies and charge exorbitantly for membership or per coaching session.

Happy earning!

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