Unbiased Test.io review – Is Test.io a scam or Legit tester platform to make money testing apps and websites?

Welcome to our unbiased Test.io review and scam check page.

Are you considering joining up the testing platform Test.io to get paid as a tester to earn some money testing apps and websites but still curious to know as to whether test.io is a scam or not?

We understand there are numerous biased reviews about test.io on this web, but what would someone gain from that? The reasons for that are always the same. Of course, we don’t expect any positive test.io reviews created by their competitors or the former test.io users who couldn’t meet the required tester standards.

We just put together this honest test.io review with you in mind to ensure that you will make an informed decision upon reading it and you will know exactly what to expect upon joining test.io looking to get paid to test websites and apps.

In this thorough test.io review, we will try our best to answer all your questions such as how test.io actually works, there pros and cons, how much one can likely earn by testing products. But if at the end of this post you still feel dissatisfied, feel free to pose your questions at the comments section.

Introduction to Test.io

In the software development industry, there is a very essential stage known as Quality assurance, usually abbreviated as QA. During the QA stage of software development, the developers normally ensure that the apps or websites they are working on actually achieve their desired high quality on their final releases.

So, how do they accomplish this? In order to do this, software developers usually seek the services of Quality assurance experts. To some startups or individual developers, this service can be very unaffordable- and that is where the likes of test.io and other bug tester platforms come into play.

So what does Test.io offer?

Test.io offers exceptional QA service to individuals and startup software development companies by deploying their expert bug testers with high bug testing experience to be able to identify the glitches, also known as bugs/errors in their apps, software or websites before the actual launch on the market.

How to become a tester with Tet.io?

The testers at Test.io are freelancers from around the world. This means that regardless of race, geographical location or gender, anyone is welcome to join Test.io provided he has a reliable access to a computer, Smartphone, iPad, smart TV, wearables,, etc with good internet connection.

Above all, before getting approved as a test.io tester and work on the test projects available on the platform, upon signing up for Test.io account, one has to undergo a QA training and eventually take and pass the on-boarding qualification test.

Besides passing the multiple-choice answer qualification on-boarding tests, the aspiring testers will be further assigned to the real testing environment platform where they are obligated to submit at least 3 valid functional high bug reports in order to get fully approved as test.io testers.

Submitting the 3 initial valid functional bug reports normally confirms and assures the Test.io that one is actually ready and well equipped for the job. Besides, it actually proves one has access to the testing devices and tools relevant for compiling and submitting bug reports for Test.io clients.

What many don’t usually believe the first time is that all the valid bugs initially submitted as part of the on-boarding test and accepted by the customer are fully paid for. I couldn’t believe it either when I was rewarded 11 Euros upon getting my 3 bug reports approved.

How to make money testing websites and apps with Test.io

If you are looking for a passive source of income online, then Test.io is not that what you’re looking for. Being able to earn a significant amount of cash with Test.io purely depends on your access to different testing devices, your skill, besides the availability of test projects.

Remember, you are only paid for reporting valid bugs, where all bugs considered duplicate or of low quality or not raised based on the QA instructions would rejected.

With a keen eye in spotting valid bug and access to multiple testing devices, one can be able to raise numerous critical and high bugs and be able to earn up to 50 Euros in each test cycle, that is in case one is lucky enough to report 10 valid critical bugs.

Anyway, the only other way available to increase your earnings on Test.io is by referring other testers. To qualify for the one-time 5 Euros referral commission, the invited tester must be able to report up to 5 valid bugs.

This requirement keeps in check the users who maliciously invite inactive users just for the sake of getting commission payments.

Getting Paid By Test.io for the bugs reported

The most exciting thing about Test.io is that there is usually no minimum payout requirement like many other testing platforms. They only make payments once per month through the most recommended online payment processors like Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer or even direct bank transfer.

Another thing that makes the Test.io testers happy regarding the payments is that the payments come out quickly whenever the invoice bills are claimed- normally within 48 hours to access your cash in PayPal account.


  • Free to join as long as you pass the qualification test
  • Test.io income potential is very high
  • The platform is open to users worldwide
  • Excellent support
  • No initial professional skill needed
  • Additional income through the referral program


  • One must pass a qualification test
  • Payment is only made once each month
  • It’s not that easy to spot and submit valid bugs
  • Limited availability of test projects

My Conclusion About working online as a tester with Test.io

It is enjoyable testing new apps or websites from the user’s point of view and submitting bugs to make extra income online. Identifying critical bugs brings that feeling of achievement in sense that one is a participant in a project that might turn out to be the next word’s big thing.

Anyway, it has to be noted that only new bugs are considered valid, so it is not that easy to raise such considering the fact that you are only required to report the bugs under the scope of the test cycle. It is sometimes very disheartening when the tester submits a new bug but only to get rejected on the grounds of being out of scope- even though the Test.io client would have benefitted from the finding.

Wow! That was so lengthy. This is the unbiased comprehensive Test.io review thoroughly compiled by one of their experienced testers. I hope your question as to whether Test.io is a scam or legit online job opportunity has been answered, right?

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