Zareklamy review: Make much money online or a scam?

zareklamy reviews

Welcome to my Zareklamy app review. Still, wondering what Zareklamy is all about? In this review, I will share in detail my real-life experience working on this platform to ensure that you get a real picture of what to expect in case you decide to join expecting to make much money for free.

Introduction: What is Zareklamy and how does it work?

Is this your first time hearing about Zareklamy? Take a quick look HERE at the platform interface. What I can say in the description of Zareklamy is that this is a web and app platform that works both as an advertising network as well as a micro-jobs website and app offering various earning opportunities that people can earn money completing tasks both on desktop and mobile app.

What makes Zareklamy different from other micro-job platforms is that, there is no need of submitting screenshots or videos in order to confirm the task completion, and also no approvals are required. Instead, the earnings are updated as soon as the tasks are completed. Many can still argue that Zareaklany is just one of the ordinary GTP sites. No problem, I am not here to argue with anyone.

Benefits to advertisers using Zeraklamy ads

As an advertising platform, it gives the advertisers the opportunity to promote their internet marketing services at a cost. The services that you can advertise on Zareklamy include;

  • Getting reviews to your freelance gigs on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour,
  • Sending traffic to your youtube videos, websites,
  • Getting reviews to your web stores like Shopify, Amazon
  • Boosting your following on social media channels like Facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc
  • Getting upvotes to Reddit posts

The above mentioned services are very crucial to every digital marketer who needs to improve own brand image online. For example; it is next to impossibility now days getting your first order on freelance gig. Potential clients would likely buy from a seller who has some previous sales where the earlier customers left positive reviews.

So, if you are a freelance service seller struggling to get the first order, now you know where you are going wrong. You just need Zeraklamy ad services to get going.

Benefits to regular users

Besides promoting your online projects, you can as well just join Zeraklamy solely to earn some cash completing the easy available tasks.

Earning options available

Zareklamy has various earning options you can choose from but are categorized into 5 main earning methods

Browse websites, videos, ads

earn online browsing websites, apps

Under this earning option, you will earn between 0.01 – $0.15 for every 1 minute of browsing.

What you are required to do to earn is; you have to browse: websites, ads, movies. After clicking start monetization you’ll be redirected, then a popup window will display automatically websites to browse. If you close this window before the time counter stops, you won’t earn.

Leave engagement on social media

earn online leaving engagement on social media

As you may already guess what you will be required to do here to earn, upon clicking on the ‘earn’ button, you’ll be redirected to a window displaying links to various social channels such as Youtube, Face book, twitter, TikTok, etc. On that page, you can choose any engagement action you wish to perform, including liking pages or videos, following channels, upvoting, etc.

With this earning opportunity, you can earn between $0.01 to $0.05 per action.

Write comments, reviews

get paid to write comments, reviews

You earn some extra cash by simply getting redirected to sponsored social media channels, website posts, etc, and leaving quality comments. The interesting part is that, in the case of youtube videos, for example, you won’t need to create your own comments, you just copy and paste comments. Sounds simple, right?

Participate in paid surveys

earn online answering surveys

In case you are the type who likes getting paid to fill out surveys, this option is also available for you. How much you will earn by taking surveys will mostly depend on which country you are currently residing in, since most of the survey providers usually target participants from particular countries like USA, UK or Australia, and also pay at different rates.

Create accounts, subscribe to newsletters

I hope you already understand what you will be required to do here. All that is needed to do to earn by subscribing to newsletters is; signing up to websites through the provided links and verifying the e-mail address used.

Invite other users

Although making money by referring new users is not actually included among the main methods to apply to Zeraglamy, it is also a very good way to earn passive income there. In order to take the advantage of their referral program, you will have to invite advertisers to the platform that will actually spend on the advertising service perks. As a referrer, you will be entitled to 12% of whatever amount your referrals spend on ads.

So, inviting users who will just join because they want to earn from this platform won’t be gainful anyway.

How much can you earn using Zeraklamy?

How much any individual user can likely earn using Zeraklamy opportunities majorly depends on the earning methods you choose to apply, the availability of tasks, the number of hours you dedicate to and also your location.

Zerakramy proof of payment

Most of the tasks I have tried will earn you from $0.01 to $0.15, which is not bad for a micro-job platform.

So, let’s say for example, you are able to complete 20 tasks worth $0.10 each per hour, working for 4 hours per day. This will translate to a weekly earnings totaling to $56.

This can roughly be estimated as $224 monthly income.

In addition to this, you will be able to earn extra passive income in case you are that good at inviting new members interested in advertising.

How does Zeraklamy pay out?

According to their terms of use, the users are only able to access the payment settings upon reaching the cash out minimum account balance threshold, which is $25.

Once you get there, you will have to update your payment settings with your PayPal address through which your earnings will be sent.

Can you use Zeraklamy on mobile?

Yes, you can download Zeraklamy mobile app both on the Google play Appstore for android and iOs smartphone devices.

Through the Zeraklamy mobile app, you can be able to earn cash online at any time, anywhere at your own convenience.

Who can sign up?

There are no location restrictions at the moment. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join Zeraklamy and make use of it provided is not a minor.

Pros and Cons


  • No restrictions as to who join
  • There are various earning options to choose from
  • Passive income in case you are able to invite a lot of advertisers
  • Free and easy signup process
  • High earning rates per task compared to similar sites


  • The payout minimum threshold of $25 is too high compared to similar micro-job sites
  • There is no benefit to the sponsors in case one invites members who are only interested in earning
  • Some tasks are only available to users from certain countries
  • In case of gaining followers to social media channels, there is no guarantee that the followers won’t unfollow later on
  • Sometimes you are not credited for the promised earnings upon completing a task

How to join

Signing up to Zeraklamy is so simple. Just CLICK HERE to access the sign-up page. You will only be required to fill in your e-mail address and password then submit.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and do it right away to start earning your first dollar online today.


Zeraklamy looks promising and has all the features of a sustainable business. I recommend it to people who are looking to earn their quick cash easily online. The platform is easy to navigate and has earning options just for everyone.

As for digital marketers who would like to take their online businesses to the next level, this platform offers the tools and workforce for expanding your social outreach besides building your brand reputation before your potential customers.

I understand that joining this platform alone won’t be a solution to your financial problems. In that sense, I recommend that you make sure to check out my online GOLDMINE secrets where I compound my total earnings to about $1K each month.

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